Rev. Dr. Chris oyakhilome Dsc, DD

Man’s knowledge cannot make you a success he can only make you succeed. To be a success in life you need the one who knows about life. Your greatness isn’t in the definition of your assignments, it is in the quality of your spirit.

The kingdom doesn’t operate like this world. It doesn’t, there are reflections in this world that you can look at and tune to the kingdom of God and say well this is similar o yes! Because God made the earth don’t forget, he did and when he did it was very good so the world will be an expression of his thinking.

In the book of romans, the word does tell us that there are things in the natural world that help to explain certain spiritual things, but Gods kingdom doesn’t operate like this world. Because this world operates under what we call the spirit of the world which is a satanic spirit.

For example, Men are revered in the world for the amount of information in their head. If the guy has several degrees, if his gone to several schools, written several books, they think he is an authority in which he is dealing. They say doctor so and so cannot be wrong his no 1 in the world his the best you can get, if he says it’s this way then it’s this way because they are thinking about the amount of knowledge in his head. So we place our future in the hand of the man who has natural understanding natural knowledge based on scientific discovery and historical information. That is the way the world runs but the kingdom of God those’nt run that way.

There is something that the world can’t give; that must come from God, and it operate by the kingdom of God, and that ingredient is needed for every study, every learning, so you can get the accurate ingredient that God wants to give you and it is called wisdom. That why David said to his son Solomon, wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom. He said with all thy getting get understanding.

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