Rev. Dr. Chris oyakhilome Dsc DD

You know the story of the woman who needed healing for her daughter and she cried after Jesus asking for help and Jesus said to her “but you know it not right to give the children’s bread to Dogs( Matt 15:21-28)

Faith is always product of our consciousness in Christ . Let’s look at The story of Moses delivering the children of Israel from Egypt but pharaoh hardened his heart, and its interesting God Said to Moses “ I know he will not let you go except with a strong hand “ sometimes we need to be informed about the character of our adversaries. Satan is not going to give up just because you said you are a child of God. This time GOD SAID to Moses this time he will surely let you go and restrained his power from Egypt and the death angel who was also known as the DESTROYER (satan) was allowed to go into Egypt and destroy. Satan has a passion for DESTRUCTION. It was satan who was that angel of death God does not keep a special angel for death , infact the bible said death is an enemy of God.

Gods people has always been the reason for the restraining of evil in the world. Some times the presence of a single Christian in a family can be the reason for the restraining of evil in that family. The more we worship the lord, the more our spiritual force field is increased (force field here refers to power of influence) .In the Old Testament there was no revelation of satan . It was satan that entered into the serpent and beguiled eve .

Sometimes some people are blessed Just for following us just like lot was blessed for following Abraham. We have to increase the Audacity of our faith (Audacious faith ) we need this sometimes, boldness, confidence, to be so daring
Moses had the audacity to stand before pharaoh who was the world power at the time to demand that he let the people go and the Bible says in ( heb 11:37 Moses endured as though he had seen the invisible). Patience because God said to him fear not I WILL BE WITH YOU pharaoh couldn’t kill Moses . He couldn’t even think of it.

Same thing with DAVID , he was bold enough to stand before Goliath of Garth . And Goliath said to David am I a dog ? Because he saw when David picked 5 smooth stones to challenge him. David challenged him greatly and said “ I will take your head off your shoulders even when David had no sword in his hands. He said to him I will give your karkas and the karkases of the philistines to the birds of the air . He knew what the child of the covenant meant ( BRAVERY). DAVID HAD RECEIVED SOMETHING PRIOR THIS TIME , it was { THE ANOINTING} . He couldn’t reason in fear because he vocalized his faith . Vocalizing your faith is very important. It will make the devils quake. Learn to vocalize your faith, voice it out without fear.

Meditate on the word of God until everything that comes out of you is the word always recognize your self as a worshiper ( 1 Tim 3:8 I will that all men pray everywhere lifting up Holy hands ) and you will find out that you are ever victorious and winning. HALLELUJAH

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