Every  church in Believers LoveWorld Inc., has certain groups called the  Pastoral Care Fellowships (PCFs). These groups are responsible for caring for every member in the church and are further divided into smaller units  called Cells.

The cell system groups people according to their specific needs and carters for their total spiritual nourishment through fellowship. It is the security network of the church and also an avenue for soul winning and development. Through the cell a member can be actively involved in evangelism and thereby fulfilling the Lord’s number one vision, ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’ Mark 16:15.


Our  cells in Christ Embassy Hillingdon cut across vocation, age, status and  background, providing an avenue for both old and new members to express  themselves, to grow in God and to reach out to their world in their own unique way.

We are committed to helping individuals as they navigate through challenges and opportunities in life.

We believe that caring and supporting each other isn’t just about waiting for a problem to come up, but actually care should be proactive, looking to build strength and wisdom into each others lives that when a challenge may come, or opportunity arrive we are ready to take it on and keep moving forward in life.

To help you, not only will you find great people to enjoy life with through joining a Cell group, There is a wealth of resources in our very own Bookshop, and all our Cell meetings are designed to help you study our ministry books and messages which you can apply to your daily life  and be a champion.


If you are interested in joining any of the cell groups listed below, Please complete this contact form and we will get a cell leader to contact you.

Contact Form

If you prefer, you can also join the Virtual Cell Ministry by clicking on the appropriate link.

Insight For Men Men’s Fellowship Bro. Emmanuel Kalio
Virtuous Women Women’s Fellowship Sis. Perpetual McRaphael
Glorious Women Women’s Fellowship Sis. Sarah Kalio
Daughters of Virtue Women’s Fellowship Sis. Erselle Joseph
Dynamics Singles’ Fellowship Sis. Rasheeba Nwankwo
The Haven Haven Fellowship Gov. Nonso Chukwunonye