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Don’t Ignore the Poor

“Take extra money with you when you’re going to work…” Until you help the poor, you have not separated yourself from the poor. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Ph.D You’re a world changer, therefore, you must always look out for how you can help someone else. It’s important you have this mentality....

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Restoring Broken Relationships - Christ Embassy Hillingdon

Restoring Broken Relationships

The first biblical step toward restoring a relationship is to talk to God before talking to the person. Discuss the problem with God. If you’ll pray about the conflict first instead of gossiping to a friend, you’ll often discover that either God changes your heart or he changes the other...

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It’s good to look good. Pay good attention to your personal look. Dress the way you want to be addressed. People react to the way you look more, than who you really are. Good looking people are most likely to be accepted than dirty looking people, Irrespective of how talented...

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