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Attending Online Services

You might wonder why we have a church online. You might ask, “Why aren’t people going to their local church instead of going to the internet for a church?” Well, indeed local church is the ideal. However, sometimes we can’t get to church physically on a Sunday or the occasion we need it so here is a church people can resort to without needing to travel.

The Christ Embassy virtual church is Church without walls; ministry without borders. It is an online Church that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of believers anywhere in the world without limitations.

It is a platform designed to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Believers LoveWorld to the ends of the earth and creates opportunities to expand our reach and ignite the fire of cyber evangelism throughout the world.

The Virtual Church gives you the opportunity to call upon other Believers to pray for you wherever you might be. The Virtual Church is an opportunity to connect with other Believers wherever you or they might be. The Virtual Church is an opportunity to engage in the social dynamic of church wherever you may be.

The Virtual Church cannot replace having a local church to which you belong but in the modern diversity and busyness of life hopefully it can help bridge the gap when physically you are out of touch – or unable to get to – that church.

Help With Your Christian Life

Perhaps the best resource from which to get help and encouragement in being a practicing Christian in your daily life is the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional. Rhapsody of Realities is a short but powerful, inspirational and devotional message which should not only encourage you and build you up but also give you good teaching and useful counsel.

The other page to make use of is the Foundation School. The Foundation School is a nurture and growth course designed to provide you with a good foundation of Christian teaching to make it easier to walk out the Authentic Christian life in the daily circumstances you face.

If you find yourself in need of prayer you can post a prayer request on The Virtual Church. If you find you are puzzling about some issue in your Christian walk you can email us a question on the Contact Form.



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