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Being in Christ Embassy is more than being in a church; it’s more than a church, it’s a vision.
When you worship at Christ Embassy you learn more than just the letters, it’s a Spirit of the Word, Something more about it is the fact that the Spirit of God gets a hold of your life and then His vision becomes real not only to you but He makes that vision real in such a way that others get to know what the Word of God really is by watching the Word of God manifested in your life every day.  And that’s what we do, we share God’s Word every day. As we minister, the Word of God takes root in each person and then you become exactly what God wants you to be.
That’s the reason I like people to come to Christ Embassy, that’s the reason I invite them because they are being a part of something that is more than a church.  It’s a vision, God’s vision.
- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


We’ve saved a Seat for You

If you live in the Hillingdon Borough area, you can attend church and find environments for your children, a free cup of coffee and a warm atmosphere designed to help you experience God in a brand new way.
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